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About Us

Willing New Materials Technology Co.,Ltd. (Willingchem) was established in 1998 with registered capital of 85 million 200 thousand yuan, is located in  Chemical Industry-Intensive Area,Puyang,Henan,China, specializing in Rubber chemicals, thermosetting resins and materials, organic chemical intermediates research and development, production and sales. Willingchem is key High-tech enterprises of National Torch Plan, innovative enterprises in Henan Province, energy saving technology innovation demonstration enterprises, technological innovation demonstration enterprises, Top 100 enterprises, AAA grade credit quality Henan industrial enterprises.

Willingchem could produce more than 50 sorts of rubber chemicals, using lustration production technology with 50,000MT/Year capacity tons, we are one of the biggest Rubber Chemicals manufacturer with Richest chooses in China,and become to have significant influence in the global Rubber chemicals Manufacturers , according to customer request,we could prepare our products in POWDER,in OILED POWDER ,in GRANULE or in SUPER FINE POWDER."Willing" brand rubber chemicals for the rubber industry association credit quality is Rubber Industry Association recommended brand. Our products are exported to more than 40 countries and regions in the world, China Rubber Industry hundred enterprises.

The integrated production capacity of serial phenolic resin in Willingchem is 20,000 tons. Products mainly include phenolic resin used be as friction materials, refractory materials, foaming, rock wool and electronic materials. Phenolic resin has good acid resistance, mechanical properties and heat resistance, widely used in the automotive industry, shipbuilding industry, aerospace, construction, electronics and other fields.

Willingchem is a bismaleimide resin monomer production-oriented enterprises with the most species and the largest output. Bismaleimide is a good heat resistant modifier for polymer materials, used in motor insulation materal, high temperature resistant dip varnish, laminate, unidirectlonal weftless tape, mica tape, electronic Copper Clad Laminate, molded plastic, powder coating epoxy-modified F~H level, casting parts, advanced composite matrix resin, aerospace structural materials, heat resistant structural components of carbon fiber, high-end printed circuit boards, engineering plastics (polypropylene PP, nylon, PA, ABS, APC, PVC, PBT) and other functional materials. So it is widely used in aerospace, aviation, electricity, electronics, computers, telecommunications, automobile, railway, construction and other industrial fields.

Willingchem passed the ISO9001: 2015 quality management system certification, ISO14001: 2015 Environmental Management System Certification and BS OHSAS 18001:2007 Occupational Health and Safety Management System Certification. Top-quality is always Willingchem unremitting goal. Willingchem quality of products meet or exceed international industry standards, and to ensure long-term stability of product quality, and customer implementation of personalized services and file management.

Willingchem continued to focus on research and development, with provincial enterprise technology center, rubber additives Engineering Technology Research Center and post-doctoral research and development base, repeatedly commitment to national, provincial and municipal science and technology plan, Were authorized 7of patents, 2 of National Key New product 2,1 Henan brand product, with 28 proprietary technology, and 5 industry standards revision.

WILLING PHILOSOPHY: Sincerity,Honesty and Justice

BUSINESS ORIENTATION: Market Orientation.Quality First

MANAGEMENT PRINCIPLE: Best Service and Best Quality with High Concern to Green Environment

CUSTOMERS: Who has High Concern to Quality,to QA System and to Green Environment


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